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Thank you for being pro-active in your health and well-being. I am truly blessed to carry on my father’s work and keep his legacy alive and well.
I know he would be proud and I feel his presence on a daily basis.
I believe that each of us are personally responsible for ourselves and the love, joy and physical health we experience while we are here on this earth.
In my many years of study and experience I believe that taking care of our physical bodies should be holistic and individualized. While we all have differences there are some things that all of us need.
1) Plenty of clean, pure water.
2) Sunshine and grounding.
3) Sleep, relaxation, meditation and little to no stress.
4) Organic, nutritious food including fermented foods and minimal refined sugar.
5) Daily exercise and movement.
6) Love, forgiveness, a positive attitude, spending time with people you love and care about.
7) And finding a way to serve and bring value to others.
It’s a beautiful world we live in and you create vibrant, amazing health with your attitude, your behavior and your actions. It’s all up to you!
Much love,


Barlow Herbal is a company who’s herbal mastery has been passed down generations in the Barlow family.
Dr. Max G. Barlow - Botanist / Master Herbalist / Author / Father of many :)

Max G. Barlow (1935-1998) was a U.S. Authority on Medicinal Plants and a specialist in Plant Taxonomy. He’s been a staff member on Desert Survival Expeditions in the wild land of Rugged Eastern Utah Desert. With degrees in Botany and Zoology from Brigham Young University, Max often gave lectures at universities and was a former U.S. Educator in Biological Sciences.

Max G. Barlow is the author of the book on medicinal botany "From the Shepherd’s Purse". In the forward Dr. Milton P. Nelson, N.D. states "Max Barlow’s skill as a botanist combined with his talent as a writer, makes this book a unique contribution to the field of herbology. He has done extensive research into the medicinal uses of botanicals, and has a rich background in the medicinal-nutritional field. He is presently working with Dr. E.T. Krebs, Jr. on several important projects, one being a very effective natural plant respiratory antibiotic."

Since the publication of this book in 1979 until his death in 1998 Max dedicated his life’s work to the development of a very special extraction technique for several herbs and herbal combinations. His work with Dr. Krebs on "a very effective natural plant respiratory antibiotic" was Lomatium Dissectum.

For the 25 years that Max ran the company, his herbal tinctures and formulations were only available to a very elite group. No advertising was done and only word of mouth referral put you on the company mailing list.

Meet Jane Barlow-Christensen - Barlow Herbal owner / Master Herbalist

Jane Barlow is the second of Max’s nine daughters!

She has grown up around herbs her entire life. She learned her father’s trade working side by side with him in the field. From learning the precise harvest seasons for each herb types to the distinct ways to dry, process and create powerful concentrated extracts, Jane truly understands how to capture the strength from the Earth.

Jane’s passion in the beauty industry coupled with her master herbal knowledge gives her a unique edge in creating very specialized health & beauty products. She spends years of research carefully formulating healthy products that she uses and endorses.
"I personally guarantee our herbal extracts are made with the purest ingredients. It brings me great joy to pass on the traditions of my family and release the formulas that my father and I have developed to the public."-
Jane Barlow Christensen
CVO (Chief Visionary Officer :)
Barlow Herbal
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