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Glowing Vitality Gold Label


Glowing Vitality Gold Label

With  Frankincense & Lime Peel Essential Oils. 

60 ml (2oz) of Pure Lusciousness  

When you have a skin serum that is formulated by an herbalist you get something very, very special.

Glowing Vitality Gold Label 

This luscious serum has been upgraded with the super nourishment of Black Cumin Seed oil and Frankincense & Lime Peel Essential oils.


Coconut Oil  (softens, protects skin)
Sweet Almond Oil  (moisturizes and conditions)
Grapeseed Oil  (improves absorption)
Apricot Kernel Oil  (rich in essential fatty acids
Hempseed Oil  (prevents moisture loss, rich in vitamin D)
Avocado Oil  (moisturizes, nourishes, softens)
Jojoba Oil  (moisturizes, nourishes, revitalizes)

Pumpkinseed Oil (provides natural antioxidants, a very nutritious oil)
Shea Butter (balances, normalizes, soothes and hydrates the skin) 
Calendula Flower Oil (promotes healing, protects skin) 
Vitamin E (protects cell membranes and acts as a natural preservative)

​​​And these 6 herbs infused into oil :

Cat’s Claw    Oil (controls inflammation) 
Ginkgo Biloba    Oil (improves circulation) 
Pau d Arco Oil (provides anti-bacterial properties) 
Suma root Oil (contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals) 
Chinese    Astragalus Oil (promotes immune function) 
Chaparral Oil (antioxidant, improves circulation, controls inflammation) 

AND Love!

Black cumin seed oil  has been used for health and wellness for thousands of years. In it, you'll find vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and even compounds that improve cell growth. Black cumin seeds come from a plant called  Nigella sativa. If you're looking for healthy glowing skin, black cumin is the one you want.

Frankincense Oil is an incredibly nourishing oil. It is an astringent, so it may help reduce signs of acne, aging and sun damage. It tightens and lifts the skin, too!

Every woman needs a bottle of this serum in her stash of beauty secrets.  This special blend of oils, butters, herbs and essential oils will give your skin some serious love and nourishment.

Directions:  Apply 1-2 pumps to clean skin prior to makeup or bedtime.  Can be used liberally on the entire body or blended with lotion for full body use.

Jane here.  I've been formulating, tweaking and using this recipe for the majority of the past year.  I'll be 58 in the middle of May and treating my skin right at this stage in the game of life is the only way to go.  This is prevention of all kinds of skin issues.  And the way it makes your skin look and feel is icing on the top!  You have my personal guarantee with this serum (just like everything I make :)

Give it a try.  I promise your skin will never be the same. XO


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