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Cleanse Pack


Clarkia-100 and Mycocyde - Cleanse bundle

2oz is approximately a one month cycle. 

We suggest going through a 4oz size for your first cleanse, then using 2oz after that. 

Parasites and Candida.  If you've struggled with one, then you probably have the other one as well.  They go hand in hand and feed off of each other.  They love you and don't want to leave. 

These two things that are very prevalent in today's modern world but not talked about enough.  The main culprits are consuming too much sugar and an over use of antibiotics.

Our human biology is the perfect environment for these two issues to not only survive but to thrive.

Jane here.  Personally, I find it very effective to go through this cleanse bundle every January and every July.  Twice a year for simple prevention.

Not suggested during pregnancy.

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