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Get instant access for  with our Online learning, herbal course with Jane Barlow.  

Each module inside the course will consist of videos, PDFs, different links, recipes etc. There are over 70 video modules available inside this amazing course and you can go through them at your own pace.  Most of these lessons are short, concise and to the point.
Once a lesson is put up in the membership site, it will live there permanently.  You will always have access to it.  You can go back and refer to it anytime you want or need to.

Here is a partial list of what is covered inside this course. See below for full course outline.

1) You’ll learn how to deal with the common, every day health issues that come up when taking care of yourself and your family members.

2) You'll learn how to make a tincture, how to herbal oil infusion and how to make skin salves.  There is also a detailed video of exactly how I make my homemade soap if you are interested in learning how to make your own soap!

3) You’ll learn how to develop the mindset that will give you the confidence to step outside of the traditional medical model and take care of my health and the health of my family using herbs and natural medicine. 

And how to develop the mindset you need when it comes to loving and accepting family members who won't come embrace natural healing.

4) You’ll learn how to wade through the massive amounts of information out there and take care of yourself and your family using simple, time tested information that's easy to understand and easy to learn, absorb and implement into your life.

This course has many, short, digestible lessons teaching you holistic health principles using herbs and plants.

You will learn how to make herbal tinctures, skin salves and more so that you can feel comfortable making and using your own herbal products.
You'll learn how to use fasting, detoxing, nutrition and exercise to have the best possible health for you and your family.

I also go into gratitude, an abundance mindset and how to create the environment that is going to allow you how to have the healthy life you want and deserve.  

(This course is not designed to give you a certificate or CEC's)

I look forward to sharing what I know with you and empowering you with herbal wisdom!

See you on the inside. 

Jane XO

You can  Purchase the course right here.   (Only 197.00 - price changes May 10, 2021)

Become Your Own Medicine Man/Woman – Course Outline

Course Introduction

  1. Watch this 4-minute video first
  2. How to bring your skeptical family around
  3. C19 Tips and Tricks 
  4. C19V – My thoughts
  5. Information with Dr. Nielsen

Barlow Herbal Specialties – Product Modules

  1. Lomatium Part 1
  2. Lomatium Part 2
  3. Lomatium Detox Rash Information
  4. How to Dose Lomatium for EBV
  5. Fresh Lomatium Drying on the Racks
  6. MunityBoost and SEES-Plus
  7. Tips for Throat Health
  8. A Rain Forest Plant for Inflammation and Pain
  9. Detox Heavy Metals Using Broken Cell Wall Chlorella
  10. An Herbal Remedy for Anxiety, Stress and Insomnia
  11. How to Glow with Mother Nature’s Oils – Glowing Vitality
  12. Candida Protocol – Echinacea & Mycocyde
  13. The Power of Oldest Living Tree Species – Gingko Biloba
  14. A Powerful Adaptogenic Herb – Suma Root
  15. A Powerful Preventative Tool – Daily Vitality
  16. Herbs That Can Help Women Through the Many Phases of Life
  17. Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper
  18. Spirulina – One of Nature’s Finest Superfoods
  19. Pau d’ Arco For Candida and Cancer
  20. BP Support – Dealing with High Blood Pressure
  21. You Can Heal Your Lungs – Lung Blend
  22. Beautiful Skin Salves to the Rescue
  23. The “Why” Behind Using Petroleum Jelly in a Skin Salve
  24. Nootropics and Your Brain Health
  25. Prostata-100 Herbs for Prostrate Health
  26. Feverfew
  27. Herbs and Lifestyle for Blood Pressure
  28. KS-10M for Libido
  29. FAQ’s with Jane

The Parasite Module

  1. Parasites Treatment and Prevention

C Protocol Module

  1. Our Herbal Protocol for C
  2. Keeping it Simple
  3. Awareness and Prevention
  4. A Powerful Tool – Black Salve
  5. Behind the Scenes Black Salve

Why We Use Alcohol in Our Tinctures

  1. Why Alcohol in Tinctures
  2. How to Dissipate Alcohol Out of Your Herbal Tinctures

How to Dose Our Herbal Tinctures

  1. Dosing Herbal Tinctures with Dr. Nielsen
  2. 2 Minute Peek into Our Workday

Tips from a Doctor – Dr. Brandon Nielsen

  1. Preventing Sickness with Dr. Nielsen
  2. Do Prescription Antibiotics Have Their Place?
  3. Tips to Help You with Flu Season
  4. Herbal Tips for Hemorrhoids
  5. An Extra Tip for Your Brain Health
  6. What to Do for High Fever and Other Valuable Tips
  7. A Simple Way to Learn Muscle Testing

A Quick Intro into Epigenetics

  1. The Mind-Blowing Power of Epigenetics
  2. My Favorite Dr. Bruce Lipton Lecture on Epigenetics

A Mindset Module

  1. Create Your Bucket List TODAY
  2. Do You Let Your Health or Lack of It Define You?
  3. Your Perception of ANYTHING is EVERYTHING
  4. Taking Responsibility and a Fun Tip for Your Subconscious
  5. How Your Environment Controls Your Health
  6. How to Slow Down Time with Benjamin Hardy
  7. Healing the Emotional Addiction of Sugar
  8. Walk Your Talk – Special peek into a lecture I gave for a group of foot zoners

DIY – How to Videos

  1. Making Your Own Herb Infused Oils
  2. Making Kefir and Fermented Veggies
  3. How to Make Your Own Herbal Tinctures
  4. How to Make Homemade Soap
  5. How to Make Your Own Skin Salves
  6. How to Make Golden Salve Natural
  7. Slicing a 30-Year-Old Lomatium Root

Identifying and Wildcrafting Lomatium

  1. Identifying and Wildcrafting Lomatium

Kitchen Spice Remedies

  1. The Power of Your Kitchen Spices

Herbs and Lifestyle for Relieving Constipation

  1. Herbs and Lifestyle for Relieving Constipation

Healing from Autoimmune Disorders

  1. Herbs and Lifestyle to Heal from Autoimmune Disorders

Lifestyle and Herbs for Women’s Fertility

  1. Herbs and Foods for Women’s Fertility

A Weight Loss Module

  1. Un-Addict Yourself from Sugar in 60 days

Purchase course right here. 

Disclaimer: You and your health are a vital concern to us.  We sincerely hope the information we share and the products that we make help to contribute to your physical health, well-being and prosperity. 

Please be aware none of these statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products and this information are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease.  It is simply the 1st Amendment in action and is presented for information and research purposes only.  We are sharing information we believe in and feel it is not commonly found in mainstream media. We'd also like to remind you, if you act on ideas found here, you do so at your own risk.  Self-help requires intelligence, common sense, and the ability to take responsibility for your own actions. By receiving this information, you agree to hold yourself FULLY responsible for your own health and well-being and to hold harmless Barlow Herbal Specialties LLC and Jane Health, it's owners, assigns or heirs from any lawsuits and litigations for any reason.  

We do not recommend using any ideas found here without first consulting a medical professional or qualified health care provider with a recognized degree and appropriate licenses. 

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