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Client Stories

Loralee from Arizona on LDM-100

"Wanted to let you know I do consider myself and my family customers for life. Knowing that I have the tincture in my medicine chest gives me a tremendous feeling of safety and control of my own health. We’ve been using LDM -100 for a few years...My son, visiting for the holidays, came with the beginnings of a cold so we all started taking LDM. He got better quickly and mom and I didn’t catch it. Cold and flu season preventative is only one of the many things I use it for. Needless to say, I purchased a larger size so he can take some home. I greatly appreciate the personal contact and information you provide. And I share the product with as many folks as possible. Thank you so much for your commitment and exceptional product."

Dorothe from Michigan on Golden Salve Natural

"I would like to tell you about the complementary salve you send me last time. My husband developed an autoimmune hemolytic anemia as side effect of his melanoma treatment and it took about 6 blood transfusions and 4 infusions of a nasty monoclonal medication to get that under control. Since he had taken those medications and blood transfusions he had gotten a fair amount of petechiae on his skin, mainly his hands. Nothing would help and the doctors didn’t pay much attention to it. So I gave him the salve and told him to keep passing it on his skin. Well, the skin cleared in 3 days!!!!! Amazing! Gave it to a friend whose little baby has allergic flare ups on her skin and guess what….all clear!! So, thank you so much for making this great products and continuing your father’s legacy. I am a huge fan!"

Kelly from Salt Lake City on BrainGlow

"I have been a long time user of tinctures from Barlow Herbal. I started using Brain glow a year ago. At the time I thought my brain was working just fine. As I began to use the product I noticed that my attention and ability to concentrate was getting better.
Awesome I thought. So, I continued to use the product. Then I began to notice how much quicker my brain was firing off and how much easier it was to find words and the words I was finding were the smart ones I had learned and always wanted to use in conversation. it really seemed as though my mind was working better, faster and more efficiently and I really do feel smarter.
The changes are really apparent if you can make a conscious assessment of where you are and how your mind is working prior to starting Brain Glow.
Then, as time goes on allow yourself to self evaluate reflect back on the last few days for instance and think about how well your brain is working and how the fog is lifting. How much better you function under pressure and are able to juggle things better. I totally believe in this product and its ability to increase my brain function, its really fun to feel my thoughts flowing freely!
Thank you Jane for this amazing product!

Vivian from Texas on Lomatium (SEES-Plus)

"I really want to share with you all about my experience ordering from this company called Barlow Herbal. I hope this won't be a problem - this is not meant to sound like a sales pitch - I just want to relate to you all the kindness that was shown to me, because we run in to so many people trying to make money off of our desperation, it's always helpful to know the ones that really care about what they're doing.

Our daughter has been so virally sensitive all these years & then recently we picked up a bug that we have not been able to get rid of for months that our doctor thinks are a virus. While looking up natural anti-virals, I came across info about an obscure herb from the Pacific northwest called Lomatium dissectum alleged to be a very effective one & decided to give it a try.

I placed an order for 8 bottles of the capsules (SEES-Plus) with Barlow Herbal. I knew we would need more because all 7 of our family members have been experiencing the lingering bug's symptoms, but our money is stretched thin, so I just bought what we could manage at the time.

The next morning I received both a call & an email (because I missed her call) from Jane to let me know that they offer bulk price breaks on orders of 12 or more & they had gone ahead & sent me 12 bottles instead of 8 because it would actually cost me less money that way. A company volunteering more product for less money? I almost cried.

They offer a number of different herbal products (though unfortunately most as tinctures which my kids will not take) and I was very impressed with the quality of the packaging as well as the product."


Ann from Oregon on Lomatium (LDM-100)

"I travel to India yearly on Spiritual retreat and take 3 to 4 bottles of LDM-100 with me to prevent what is called Delhi throat and to prevent viral infections of different kinds...Flu & sinus LDM-100 is a great preventative and I do come down with something of a viral nature I recoup faster. It is a wonderful herbal remedy.  Thanks for being a good organic reliable company."


Richard from Palm Springs, California on LDM-100

“I have used LDM-100 in my practice for the last thirty years and have seen dramatic results during that time. It is truly the most powerful antibiotic in nature.”


Robert from North Carolina on Barlow Herbal products

"I wanted to share a few comments about your wonderful herbal tinctures and their benefits.  I have been using and incorporating Barlow Herbal products in my nutritional practice for approximately thirteen years.  While I have been adding your tinctures slowly over the years, I can report each product demonstrates excellent effectiveness when used by my patients as instructed.

 The several that I recommend most often are Clarkia for parasite elimination, LDM-100 for all viral infections, Una de Gato for Lyme and its cohorts, Black Haw for female balance and regulation; and Ginloba (liquid ginkgo) has also shown excellent benefits for increasing circulatory vitality, including notable memory enhancement.

Each of the above products I am most pleased to use in my practice, which has been made only more effective by their availability."


Camille from Utah on LDM-100

"I have been using LDM, for different purposes for about eight years now. I use it in the morning just for my everyday health.  It is a supplement that I take with me everywhere I go. Thank you Barlow Herbal! I appreciate your passion for botany and health!"


David from Nevada on LDM-100

"This winter has been a battle.   Seems like constant coming down with something but not quite, feeling better then down again.
Then early January got the viral gastroenteritis and it kicked me really really hard.  Low temperature 96F felt so cold.
Recovered ... sort of ...  days go by still felt like crap.  Gut bacteria still trashed.   Read up on it and took apple cider vinegar.  2 hours later felt so much better. 
I keep taking the ACV.   Stomach gets fixed.
Cold weather returns and then i'm back to the up / down / up cycle.   I'm fighting something that has its hooks in deep.
I find the Lomatium (I bought 3 years ago) while rummaging the tinctures drawer past the Oregano spirits and Elderberry.   
Never tried it before, says its good for immune system, so gave it a shot.
Couple of dropper fulls a day for 6 days.   Felt like its doing something, not a whole lot. 
Day 4 I get a really sore throat.  Oh no,  I'm coming down with flu!.  Gargle with salt water.  Goes away in a day.  *whew*
End of day 6 I'm at the end of the 1 oz bottle.  Start feeling a bit better so I get more curious and read up more about it.
Oh no! I see the videos of people having total melt downs on YouTube with a massive red rash.
That's not gonna to happen to me I say.   I eat really clean, 2-4g VitC /day, grass fed meat, organic everything else.   
Nope.  No rash for me thank you.   Yeah sure.
Wake up next morning and 2 spots on the bottom of my feet are really really sore.  My feet are hot.
After I get I up I see my feet are half covered with rash with light red spotting up my legs and some on my back below shoulder blades.
Doesn't itch at all. 
I feel totally awesome.   
I am over come with glee.  Half due to how good I feel and how well I can breath and half due to not turning into flaming red tomato!
I can go to work and nobody is the wiser.  No rash on my neck, hands or face.   Am I lucky or what!
I didn't feel fantastically better until I got the die-off rash. 
Now's the time to keep my momentum going and continue detox. You have a very interesting assortment of tinctures I have not seen anywhere else. 
I kick myself now ... Lomatium was in the drawer all this time.   I should rummage more often!   :)"

Donna from Arizona

"Appreciate very much what you all are doing! I love putting your tinctures in my glasses or bottles of water. Jane mentioned in a video she did that she actually likes the taste of the herbal tinctures. I do too! I actually have used herbs for a long time and feel a "bond" with them.  
So happy to have found your business."

Bonnie from Kentucky

This has been an amazing and educational journey. So many of the herbs you use for tinctures are new to me.  
My husband has been battling kidney stones for 3+ years. His renal specialist took me into his office after his fourth surgery to extract the large stones that his body was making and unable to pass and told me that he has had large amounts of Candida in his blood for years. He said it is documented on all of his records for years. No one ever told either of us that he was overrun with Candida until his specialist told me 8 months ago. After a lot of research and docu-series, we are making progress.  
We have completely changed his diet and added supplements that helped, but until we added the Chanca Piedra, Mycocyde, Lomatium and Echinacea tinctures that you make, he continued to make stones.
I am so grateful for your family and the work you do. And I will be eternally grateful for your desire to educate the general public as well as those of us in the medical profession!! Thank you so very, very much!



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