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by Jane Barlow January 14, 2017

 The Jane and Sara Show #10

The Healing Power of Fasting

I grew up fasting once a month
and didn't enjoy it until I was an adult.
Fasting isn't something you should just
jump into without the proper information
and mindset.

Here's what fasting does for you health.
It provides a pure, simple rest from all
of the hard work your body does to keep
you alive.

You know...the digesting, processing and

The only time it gets to rest and repair is
during the times you are asleep.
And for most people the first thing you
do when you wake up is...eat.

So give your body a break.
Let it rest.
Let it repair.

It will not only give your body a chance
to repair on a cellular level it will take
your mental clarity and spiritually into
incredible brilliance.
Much love,
Jane and Sara

Jane Barlow
Jane Barlow

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