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by Jane Barlow January 14, 2017

The Jane and Sara Show #11

Do you ever give yourself a chance to have your
own thoughts or are you constantly
receiving input from the internet/your
phone/your device?

Today's tip is to disconnect from all
input once a week for a 24 hour period.
For some of us this is a true challenge.
And you might ask yourself...why do that?
For starters, it's for the simple reason of
real human connectivity.
That all changes when you constantly have your
phone by you.
You know this.
You've seen it.
A table at a restaurant with everyone on
their device and no interaction with each other.
It really is a fascinating thing to witness.
So don't be one of those people.
This is a tip for all of us.
I can be just as guilty.
It was wonderful to have the reminder.
Much love on this beautiful fall Monday!
Jane and Sara XO

Jane Barlow
Jane Barlow

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