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by Jane Barlow January 14, 2017

 The Jane and Sara Show #12

Get 7+ Hours of Sleep each night.

"Let's face it.
Sleep is just as important as eating
and drinking water.
Despite this, millions of people
do not sleep enough and experience
insane problems as a result."
quote from Benjamin P. Hardy
You've heard it hundreds of times.
The whole "get enough quality sleep" thing.
But do you make a conscious effort to do it.
Take some time in the evening to wind
down and prepare you body for the
importance of a good night sleep.
There are three things that you MUST
have to accomplish this.
1. Your room must be dark. Really dark.
Your body cannot produce melatonin if there
is even a small amount of light in your
sleeping space.
2. Your room must be quiet. No TV.
No cell phone giving you notifications all
night long. You know the deal.
3. Your room should be cool. About 65
degrees is optimal.
Pay attention to this health habit.
It is critically important.
Much love,
Jane and Sara

Jane Barlow
Jane Barlow

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